Celebrating 20 years!

It feels like it was only yesterday!… so it’s hard to believe that it’s been two decades since Wallis-Smith Financial Planning opened its doors.

Back in 1996 the financial planning industry was just beginning to emerge as a profession – financial planners were seen more as life insurance salesmen (there were very few women), and university graduates were a rarity.

Since then, things have changed dramatically. I’m pleased to say financial planning in Australia is leading the world in education and professional standards, and despite the increased regulation we have strongly supported the shift to a more professional approach.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the loyalty and support of our clients – with whom we have shared the ups and downs of investment markets, changing legislation and personal challenges. I would also like to acknowledge the great Wallis-Smith team that makes coming to work such a pleasure.

I was asked recently if I still enjoy the industry, and I am pleased to say yes, more than ever! Without doubt, the greatest reward is the satisfaction we get from seeing a client achieve the thing that they have been striving for – whether it be their dream home, their holiday of a lifetime, or helping their kids in a time of need.

So thank you to all our supporters – and here’s to the next 20 years!